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Flea Free But Sore Skin

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 08:11 PM

Q: I’ve recently re-homed a short-haired mongrel whose skin is in a terrible state. He was riddled with fleas when we got him and had been clearly scratching and biting himself for some time. He is now flea-free but his skin is still rather sore-looking in places. Is it just a case of waiting for it to calm down or is there anything I can put on it, like a soothing cream or something natural?
A: It's really hard to advise on what the best thing to do for the skin would be without seeing it. Sometimes a salt or sugar scrub can help and other times just a massage with a sensitive shampoo & conditioner can help. Even a good brush can really encourage the skin to rejuvenate. There is an amazing product that many groomers offer called Nagayu, it’s a tablet that goes in to the shower and releases micro bubbles that penetrate through the coat to the skin. Regular use has amazing effects on dogs with skin problems. To find a groomer that offers Nagayu treatments near you look at our members section. I would, however, consult your vet before you do anything to make sure that there is no other underlying problems which could be effecting the skin. 


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